HealthyCircles Platform: Care Coordination Engine

enabling seamless team-based care coordination, automated care management and secure communication from hospital to home.

The HealthyCircles™ Platform is a hosted enterprise software-as- a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a secure communications and record-sharing infrastructure for care team coordination, post- discharge transitional care and complex condition management. The private-label branded platform is designed to optimize accountable models of care with exception-based management tools to expand remote care capacity, deliver targeted, relevant interventions and effectively manage at-risk patient populations.

22.9% of chronic heart failure patients readmitted after 30 days.1

Enhanced care transitions: When patients move from acute care to a home setting, coordination and self-monitoring can suffer. Our connected health solutions:

  • Streamline communications and coordination
  • Disseminate discharge care plans to a patient’scare team
  • Aggregate rich clinical, biometric sensor and self-reported data to ease the burden on families and caregivers and deliver reliable outcomes during these critical care transitions

51% reduction in cardiovascular care costs with telehealth enabled.2

Reduction in costly interventions: Early detection affords an opportunity for early intervention and significant cost avoidance. Our connected solutions:

  • Enable continuous care and exception-based interventions
  • Focus resources based on a documented clinical need team
  • Foster improved adherence to treatment plans and medication compliance
  • Continuous monitoring and targeted interventions have proven to reduce admissions and readmissions across the most prevalent disease states.

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