Introducing the award winning 2net Platform

Say “hello” to the future of wireless health

The 2net™ Platform* from Qualcomm Life is truly novel, offering a set of wireless health solutions that can elegantly and reliably capture and deliver medical device data to integrated portals or databases from nearly any customers' or technology partners' wireless medical device for storage in a system designed for security. It's a whole new way of connecting devices and liberating biometric data so that it becomes ubiquitous across the continuum of care.

The 2net Platform is a cloud-based system designed to be universally-interoperable with different medical devices and applications, enabling end-to-end wireless connectivity while allowing medical device users and their physicians or carers to easily access biometric data. With two-way connection capabilities and a broad spectrum of connection options, the 2net Platform will change the way you do business.

The 2net Platform supports SSL secure communication of data and is certified as a Class I Medical Device under Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive). The 2net Platform is designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with a quality system compliant with ISO13485 standards, meaning it aligns with the quality requirements of international regulatory agencies in the healthcare industry.

There are four gateways onto the 2net Platform's data centre:

  1. A standalone CE (Conformité Européenne) certified external device -- the 2net Hub*
  2. An FDA-listed software module that connects mobile computing devices -- 2net Mobile Core*
  3. Medical devices with an embedded cellular component
  4. Service platform integration between the medical grade 2net Platform to customer and technology partners' service platforms using application programming interfaces (APIs)

We designed the cloud-based 2net Platform to provide a high degree of security and reliability to seamlessly store and transfer data once it has been acquired from the medical device so it can be shared with the appropriate audiences, which could include designated healthcare service companies, providers, payors, pharmaceutical companies and application and technology partners. The biometric data is stored in the 2net Platform's European data centre, which is designed to adhere to Directive 95/46/EC so that data may be stored and transmitted securely within the EU territories. The data is encrypted in motion and at rest, and transmitted to the manufacturers' interface of choice for the end-user.

The 2net Platform enables a single place where near real-time data across a wide range of device types, makes and use cases can be accessed, unlocking the potential to improve healthcare delivery.

The 2net Hub and 2net Mobile

The 2net Hub, one of the four gateways used to access the 2net Platform's data centre, delivers a new dimension of short-range radio flexibility, security and seamless data transfer, while serving as the information highway for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity for medical devices into and out of the home. The 2net Hub is an FDA-listed, compact "plug-and-play" gateway that supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, and ANT+ local area radio protocols.

2net Mobile is a software module that enables mobile computing devices such as mobile phones and tablets to serve as gateways to the cloud-based 2net Platform. The solution enables a mobile phone or tablet to collect and visualise data from medical devices and biometric sensors and to securely transmit that data via the mobile phone or tablet’s wireless wide area network (WWAN) cellular connection or Wi-Fi to the 2net Platform’s data centre. 2net Mobile is driven off of the end-user’s data plan, so enterprise customers are not limited to working with specific wireless operators.

2net Mobile is one of the first solutions to enable seamless aggregation of clinical data from a comprehensive list of medical device sensors into one unified stream across multiple mobile phones and tablets, and transmission of that data in a system designed to meet HIPAA security requirements. 2net Mobile is unique in its ability to connect an open ecosystem of biometric sensors through an open ecosystem of mobile devices.

2net Mobile is a white-label solution that is offered by Qualcomm Life’s enterprise customers directly to their own end users. The 2net Mobile software module is made up of two different applications. The 2net Mobile Core is an enterprise core app that communicates with biometric sensors, acting as a library, and interfaces with a 2net Mobile Application, which has a user interface and communicates through Android protocol. The two apps are separate, enabling customers to build their own application around the 2net Mobile Core, adding their own features and functionalities.

While the 2net Hub is well-suited for home–based solutions or stationary devices such as a weight scale or a blood pressure monitor, 2net Mobile can be paired with mobile disease management solutions and devices such as blood glucose meters, inhalers, diagnostic devices, and activity monitors. 2net Mobile enables the user to conveniently visualise and transmit their readings while they are on-the-go to health care professionals who can rapidly access, monitor and manage health status. This means that health care service providers, like health systems or accountable care organizations can incorporate mobile health monitoring devices with complex care solutions.

The 2net Hub

* The 2net Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile Core are separately FDA listed as Class I MDDS (Medical Device and Data Systems) in the U.S., Class I MDD and CE Registered in Europe, and Class I in Canada. As MDDS devices, they are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with a quality system compliant with ISO13485 standards, meaning it aligns with the quality requirements of U.S. and international regulatory agencies in the health care industry.

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