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You could be a #WalkStar: Qualcomm Life and the American Heart Association launch the Wireless Walking Challenge
Qualcomm Life Kicks Off the Wireless Walking Challenge with the American Heart Association

21 February 2013, Written by Kabir Kasargod

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Why not spend at least 30 of them doing physical activity? This week Qualcomm Life, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, launched the Wireless Walking Challenge and offered participants the chance to become the ultimate #Walkstar!

The Outsiders: Why Startups are Crucial to Changing the Broken Health Care System

08 January 2013, Written by Rick Valencia, President

A recent article in Forbes compiled the best healthcare quotes of 2012, and one quote in particular really resonated with me: “How many businesses do you know that want to cut their revenue in half? That’s why the healthcare system won’t change the healthcare system.”[1]

Mobilising healthcare.
The pieces are now in place for mHealth to take off in Europe.
Mobilising healthcare.

08 November 2012, Written by Don Jones

The question of when mHealth or eHealth technologies and solutions will see scale in Europe often comes up at many of the industry conferences I attend. As I see it, figuring out who will pay for telehealth solutions and how to overcome regulatory hurdles as well as the challenges of wireless interoperability are in the past. The pieces are now in place for mHealth to take off in Europe.

2net™ App Developer Challenge Winners

23 October 2012, Written by Kabir Kasargod

This summer Qualcomm Life kicked off the 2net™ App Developer Challengeand called upon developers to submit their entries for the next “killer health app.” Now, all submissions are in and the winners have been chosen. The entries to the Challenge varied across 7 different treatment categories ranging from immune conditions and diabetes, to self-care monitoring and personal nutrition and all shared one goal in common: to advance wireless health and advocate for improved patient care.

Qualcomm Life Offering $35,000 in Prizes for the Next “Killer Health App”

12 October 2012, Written by Kabir Kasargod

Are you a developer with a knack for developing creative and engaging apps? Do you have a passion for digital health? Enter the 2net App Developer Challenge—Qualcomm Life is offering $35,000 in prizes to the developer who creates the next “killer health app” for patients or health care professionals. Hurry, the Challenge ends October 15!

San Diego, Let’s Rescue Health
San Diego has the ability to play a critical role in alleviating the current strain on our health care system.
San Diego, Let’s Rescue Health

11 October 2012, Written by Rick Valencia, President

Last week we hosted an exclusive screening of Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, along with help from our friends at BIOCOM,CommNexus, CONNECT, and the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance. Our goal of showing the film was to bring together leaders from across the health care and technology spectrum to take a closer look at our national health care crisis.

Let’s Build Something Useful: The Next Gen of Wireless Health Apps

29 June 2012, Written by Kabir Kasargod

Before the introduction of Qualcomm’s 2net™ Platform, medical devices were siloed and biometric data was locked within proprietary systems and uniquely configured devices. The launch of Qualcomm Life’s cloud-based service liberated this data, creating new possibilities for end-to-end device connectivity.

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