Successfully Navigating Mobile Challenges in the Health Care Landscape


This four-page paper explores the many challenges and considerations a health care enterprise should be aware of when deploying a connected health strategy and making mobile health a reality.

Inside you will discover:

  • The Art and Science of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) Implementations
  • future-proof their designs and protocols to ensure they are compatible with the current and future phone and tablet makes and models
  • How to navigate the complexities of mobile and health care device integration
  • How to demystify broadband connectivity and network management

You should read this if…

  • Your organization is transitioning from a fee-for service reimbursement model to a fee-for- value model, with a need to implement a remote monitoring program to reduce hospital readmissions
  • You are looking to deploy an open, Bring Your Own Device mobile health program for consumers
  • You are seeking a secure, scalable connectivity solution for your connected health solutions or therapies

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