Remote Patient Monitoring

With our aging population, more and more patients are being diagnosed with chronic conditions. In fact, 71% of US health care spending goes to treating multiple chronic conditions. To combat these escalating costs and scale their chronic care management programs, providers are moving care to lower cost care settings. In order do this with confidence and reduce risk, health systems are turning to companies for medical-grade, scalable remote patient monitoring solutions that meet their stringent privacy and security standards.

Medical-grade remote patient monitoring

Through reliable, scalable remote connectivity and an effortless user experience, we are helping patients heal at home while reducing unnecessary hospitalizations. Our advanced 2net™ Connectivity Platform unlocks vital data in near real-time, helping care managers detect deterioration and focus resources and interventions. Users benefit from:

47% reduction in heart failure readmissions attributed to remote patient monitoring1
  • Access to the one of the world’s largest health care ecosystems, which creates flexibility and nimbleness in building condition-specific device combinations for remote care
  • 2net Hub’s award winning user experience, which helps ensure connected devices work simply and are embraced by even the most tech-challenged patients
  • Our unique expertise to formulate, test and validate connected devices across mobile operating systems, which ensures a reliable and robust in home experience
  • Secure storage and integration with virtually any system, application or care management dashboard through the 2net Platform, which makes near real-time data fluid and actionable for care team coordination and collaboration

Why Qualcomm Life

  • Interoperability and connectivity expertise that spans care settings
  • Flexible, scalable gateways to suit a wide range of use cases
  • Connected health and chronic care management expertise honed over a decade of deploying at scale with leading health care systems and companies
  • Expansive open ecosystem of devices, sensors and leading health care companies
  • End-to-end connectivity designed to meet FDA and HIPAA safety and privacy standards
  • An effortless plug and play patient experience in the home with 2net Hub and 2net Mobile
  • Expertise to formulate, test and validate devices across mobile platforms and kit combinations
  • A medical-grade mobile solution that can be embedded in third party mobile apps
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1 Thomason T, Hawkins S, Perkins P, et al. Home Telehealth and Hospital Readmissions: A Retrospective OASIS-C Data Analysis. Home Healthcare Now. Volume 3(1), January 2015, p 20–26
2 Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research. Multiple Chronic Conditions Chartbook: 2010 MEPS Data. 2013