The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will open up new areas of innovation for medical device manufacturers but also surface new technical challenges. Securely collecting, transmitting, managing and making sense of vast amounts of new data will require new capabilities and collaborations to fully harness the value and unlock insights.

Unlocking medical device data

Qualcomm Life is the global leader in interoperability and medical device connectivity, with one of the world’s largest ecosystems of connected health devices. Our 2net™ Platform provides the secure, flexible, and scalable medical-grade connectivity that underpins the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

patients globally are remotely monitored1


  • A turnkey platform for designing wireless, small, integrated modules to speed connected therapies to market and future-proof next generation medical device roadmaps
  • Flexible and secure gateways such as the 2net Hub and 2net Mobile, which enable effortless connectivity in the home or on-the-go. These gateways address a wide range of use cases from preventative care to chronic care and connected therapy management
  • Secure medical-grade infrastructure designed with 11 layers of authentication, encryption, and access control to protect data in transit and at rest

When you join the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem, you benefit from the extensive knowledge and resources of a mobile and digital leader. We have the connected health experience and expertise to guide you through every stage, from connectivity design, power management, mobile protocols, and low power radio stacks, to integration with virtually any system, application, or portal.

Why Qualcomm Life

  • Interoperability and connectivity expertise that spans care settings enabling the capture transmission and integration of data from across care settings
  • Flexible, scalable gateways to suit a wide range of use cases
  • Expansive open ecosystem of devices, sensors and leading health care companies
  • 2net Design service with mobile expertise to help speed connected solutions to market
  • End-to-end connectivity designed to meet FDA and HIPAA safety and privacy requirements
  • An effortless plug and play patient experience with 2net Hub and 2net Mobile
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