Case Studies

Learn How Qualcomm Life is Powering Intelligent Care Everywhere

Take a look at how Qualcomm Life's 2net™ Connectivity Platform enables scalable transitional care, remote care and connected therapy management solutions.

Cerner is a global leader in health information technology, with solutions at more than 18,000 facilities in over 30 countries. To extend connectivity capabilities beyond the walls of the hospital and into the home, Cerner is leveraging Qualcomm Life’s 2net™ Platform to power their CareAware® device connectivity platform.
Entra Health Systems
Entra Health sought to make its MyGlucoHealth® wireless blood glucose meter easily accessible to patients with diabetes in order to expand product adoption in the diabetes care market. Read about how Entra Health Systems leveraged Qualcomm Life's 2net Platform and Hub to develop a solution that allows MyGlucoHealth data to be transferred seamlessly via a mobile connection in a standalone device and uploaded to an online portal with the touch of a button.
King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC)
King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) is collaborating with Qualcomm Life to reduce readmissions and improve in-home patient management across four common disease states: heart failure (HF), diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and hypertension. Utilizing the 2net™ Connectivity Platform, as well as personal health devices within the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem, KDMC is identifying at-risk populations and implementing protocols across care settings.
mHealth Alert
mHealthAlert is a remote health monitoring solution from Cystelcom that provides improved telemonitoring services to patients and caregivers managing care from their homes. Read about how mHealth Alert is leveraging Qualcomm Life's 2net Platform and Hub to remotely track a patient's measurements and alerts anytime, and to reduce readmissions and the average length of hospital stay.
Propeller Health
Every day, millions of people use inhalers to help manage respiratory diseases. Propeller Health is taking these offline devices into the online future, with a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that tracks and transmits inhaler data.
Qualcomm Wireless Reach
In a unique collaboration between two Qualcomm business units, Qualcomm Life and Wireless Reach, along with Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, are using the 2net™ Platform to develop a 3G-enabled monitoring kit to prevent serious asthmatic attacks in children. Announced in August 2013, the research program is currently enrolling patients. The goal of the study is to determine whether asthma-related therapy can be made more effective based on a patient’s physiology, reducing serious asthmatic attacks, ER visits, hospitalization and associated costs.
Offering unparalleled mobility and ease of use, ResMed’s ventilator products are changing lives for chronic respiratory disease patients and their providers. Through collaboration with Qualcomm Life, ResMed is revolutionizing remote care for COPD patients. Leveraging Qualcomm Life’s secure 2net Platform, ResMed offers an innovative service for remote monitoring and exception-based management of chronic respiratory disease.
A leader in point-of-care diagnostics, Roche entered into collaboration with Qualcomm Life to deliver a unique and truly wireless connected INR home monitoring solution. Designed for patients on warfarin, the CoaguChek® XS mPOC kit leverages the cloud-based 2net Platform to deliver accurate, near real-time, encrypted data to Roche’s CoaguChek Link portal to make self-monitoring easy for patients, while providing clinicians with accurately reported, near real-time data to better manage patients and make informed interventions.
Sentrian is a leader in remote patient intelligence, focused on significantly reducing preventable hospitalizations and readmissions. The Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence (RPI) solution relies on Qualcomm Life's 2net™ solution to capture, transmit and protect device data, making it available to care managers in a timely manner.
iMPak Health
Developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Life, iMPak Health’s latest solution, Kraken, is one of the first Bluetooth® Smart-enabled mobile medication management system designed to assist in organizing and tracking complex, multi-pill daily regimens. Leveraging the 2net Hub and Platform, the Kraken is a low-cost, lifestyle-friendly solution that helps overcome mental and behavioral barriers to medication adherence. In one of its first pilots, iMPak Health found that patients who enter a program utilizing the Kraken Medication Management system show an approximate 20% drop in their rate of readmissions.