2net™ Platform

Medical-Grade Remote Care

A scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure enabling end-to-end connectivity that is tailored to the diverse and discerning needs of medical device manufacturers, health providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. The 2net Platform unlocks vital health and therapy data for integration with virtually any system, application or portal. The 2net Platform:

  • Leverages Qualcomm’s three decades of mobile and digital expertise in helping companies and health systems rapidly and reliably deploy at scale
  • Integrates multiple gateways to support a vast range of use cases, including remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, connected medication management, and consumer compliance and engagement
  • Has an open device- and application-agnostic design for maximum device integration and flexibility
  • Offers multiple, redundant layers of authentication, encryption and access control to protect data in transit and at rest in an FDA self-listed enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Integrates with one of the largest and fastest-growing ecosystems of connected health solutions in the world

The 2net Platform is designed to meet the demanding and diverse needs of health care companies and organizations across the care continuum. Its flexible, secure gateways allow for near real-time integration of valuable medical device data to scale and keep pace with rapidly evolving care models and connected therapy regimens.

In health care, the ability to make decisions based on accurate, timely information is essential," said Alton Shader, president, Front Line Care at Hill-Rom. "The VisiVest System and Qualcomm Life’s 2net connectivity solution bring care teams and patients closer, helping to better manage patients’ illness and improve their quality of life.
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