2net™ Hub

Plug-and-Play Medical-Grade Connectivity

For most patients, home is the preferred care setting. The 2net Hub enables scalable remote care in the home through an effortless, out-of-the box user experience for patients, and flexible, medical-grade connectivity for ecosystem members. The 2net Hub:

  • Offers flexible, medical-grade connectivity across a growing, open ecosystem of devices designed for near real-time data capture in the home
  • Provides simple, plug-and-play communications device functionality, to support optimal usability and compliance
  • Integrates an array of short-range radios for flexible connectivity across a broad range of devices, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and WiFi
  • Is an MDDS Class 1 FDA-listed device with 11 layers of authentication, encryption and access control across the 2net Platform to protect data from capture to storage
  • Connects to one of the largest and fastest-growing ecosystems of connected health solutions in the world

The 2net Hub also allows over-the-air upgrades right in the home, for a more seamless remote care experience for patients, and improved operational efficiencies for health systems and RPM providers. As a leading technology underpinning the Internet of Medical Things, the 2net Hub helps patients live and manage their health comfortably and cost effectively in their own homes.

When we can integrate data into one easily accessible place, we’ll be better able to extend the care encounter beyond the hospital. Qualcomm Life’s 2net connectivity infrastructure provides the ideal complement to our technology.
Josh Lowery, Director of Business Development, Cerner
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